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Global Ports Holding (GPH) has a well-defined operating model that relies on four distinct pillars: organization, governance, functions and technology. The proprietary GPH operating model centralizesmanagement for every major structure’s operations within its enterprise, and are based on operational and commercial synergies to promote maximum efficiency.

There are significant differences (from concessions to legislation) in the operations of each of GPH’s ports, and as a result, there is no single operating model which covers all ports and headquarters. The operating model’s pillars are defined in harmony within GPH's consolidation agenda: potential synergy, service opportunities and operational efficiency. As such, GPH headquarter operations and port operations are able to share and combine best practices.


Security Management is a cross-functional practice for GPH ports and office headquarters, with a focus on products and services. We aim to prevent anything that may directly or indirectly affect day-to- day operational activities.

GPH has developed its own security code, which both covers and surpasses the detail and security level of the ISPS [International Ship and Port Facility Security], and it is applied to each GPH port. All related policies formed by GPH or local authorities are reviewed and implemented by the GPH Head of Security in each location. The GPH security code sets the standard and helps improve security in all its ports in clearly defined, specific ways. Thanks to the code, GPH ports not only comply with ISPS standards but are ready to implement other vital security codes and standards, such as ISO 27001 Information Security Management and ISO 20858 Maritime Port Facility Security Assessments and Security Plan Development.


GPH takes responsibility of the environmental impact of its group companies and subsidiaries. Having represented by its Ports in significant locations around the world, GPH has a vision of reducing harmful effects of the cruise industry by improving clean energy usage and raising awareness on resource utilization. In the light of this vision, GPH is willing to help to preserve the natural habitats of the world’s outstanding cities, where its ports are located, making a positive impact on the global environment as a result.

Environmental impacts are managed in accordance with applicable environmental legislation, international standards and the Company’s Environmental Policy. The Group has exposure to environmental risks such as climate change, natural disasters, hazardous chemical spills and water pollution, which are managed in a preventative and proactive manner thanks to periodically revised environmental management systems.

In addition to the policies and principles with which all GPH subsidiaries are required to conform, the group expand the use of management system practices at international standards for the purposes of ensuring effective tracking and management of group’s environmental performance. GPH ports in Malaga, Kuşadası, Bodrum, Lisbon and Antalya all have the ISO 14001 certificate. In addition to these, Kuşadası and Bodrum port operations are all conducted under the Green Port certificate. Moreover, Port Akdeniz - Antalya Port is certified within the scope of PERS (Port Environmental Review System)- EcoPorts certification by ESPO (European Sea Ports Organization).

GPH aims to apply for a Green Port certificate for all its ports within the next period.


GPH has developed variety of guest services to satisfy each of it 7.5 million passengers in order to optimize their visit at GPH ports in lined with its guest oriented approach. GPH focuses on creating best customer experience for passengers and being preferred operator for cruise lines. GPH identified three distinct areas of development for port/shore experience such as Independence, Connectivity and Transportation. The three key areas are positioned as basis for the GPH service and products targeting cruise passengers visiting GPH ports. Following service and products and provided via guest information desks and other guest services points located at the GPH ports.

  • Informative Services
  • About the Port
    About the City
    City Map
    Transportation Info.
  • Connectivity
  • Terminal Wi-Fi
    Mobile Wi-Fi
  • Excursion
  • Shore Excursions
    Tour Guide
  • Transportation
  • Chauffeured Transfer
    Airport Transfer
    Car Rental
    Bike Rental
  • Shipping & Keeping
  • Shipping & Delivery
    Luggage Services
  • Booking
  • Hotel Booking
    Restaurant Booking
  • Travelling
  • Umbrella
    Wheel Chair

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