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Port Akdeniz, Antalya is a multipurpose port which includes a cruise terminal, container terminal, bulk cargo, general cargo and a project cargo terminal. Port Akdeniz is situated on the Kemer junction at the westernmost end of Antalya and is linked to its hinterland by high-quality highways that connect to major centers of tourism, industry and commerce such as Alanya, Mersin, Konya, Akşehir, Afyon, Burdur and Denizli.

Covering a total area of 166,000 m2, Port Akdeniz is the largest and best-equipped port along the 700 km of Turkish Aegean-Mediterranean coast, which stretches from İzmir in the west, to Mersin in the east. The port can handle 5.0 million tons of dry bulk and general cargo and 500,000 TEU per year. It also features a 1,260 m2 indoor storage facility for temporary storage service in the bonded area. The port has a 1,600 m main breakwater and a 650 m side breakwater, along with eight active piers, which vary in length between 140 m and 290 me. There is also a military quay and a free zone quay included the breakwater. The Organized Industrial Zone hosts various companies operating in different sectors such as PVC, wood and plastic manufacturing, food production, and machinery and heavy manufacturing. This OIZ is about 25 kilometers away from Port Akdeniz. Port Akdeniz's location and its surrounding mineral wealth and mining operations have enabled the port to position itself as a strategic gateway to diverse global markets for exporters of cement, clinker, aluminum, marble and chromium. The surrounding area is rich in chromium ore, marble, barite and aluminum. There are more than 500 marble quarries in its hinterland (Burdur, Isparta, Afyon, Denizli, Konya and Muğla) and two large cement factories. The area has a thriving agricultural sector thanks to its fertile soils and temperate climate. Port Akdeniz is well situated to benefit from the continued increase in exports of these types of goods. In addition, Port Akdeniz stands to benefit from the sustained rise in containerization at Turkish ports. As Turkey implemented container cargo operations later than many other developed countries, there is significant room for future growth.

To provide a higher quality service, Port Akdeniz continually invests in machinery, its cementation process, yard adjustments, indoor and outdoor external storage units, dredging to meet the needs of larger vessels, shortening vessels’ operation time, and making loading/unloading services faster and more secure. Pilotage and towage services are provided by experienced, highly trained and qualified pilots. There are five towage boats, a pilot boat and a mooring boat at the port, as well as a security boat provided in accordance with International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS). Safety and the environment are the priority at Port Akdeniz. The port provides quality services in line with Quality Management Systems

In July 2010, Global Ports Holding became the sole owner and operator of Port Akdeniz, Antalya.


Container Services

Port Akdeniz manages a high level of container traffic. This is on the rise each year, along with global container traffic. The port provides services such as loading/unloading, lashing/unlashing, twistlock/untwistlock, and hatch cover opening/closing for container vessels.

The majority of its hinterland’s market is accounted for by export products, with the main export product being marble due to its proximity to a number of major marble quarries. Nevertheless, there are various other export and import products handled by containers such as fertilizers, PVC, ferrochrome, furniture, profile, solar panels, fresh fruit and vegetables, and frozen food products.

Different types of stripped or loaded containers are taken to the 10,000 m² CFS area and provided with the following services:

  • Container Stuffing/ Unstuffing
  • Dunnaging for block marble
  • Lashing/Unlashing inside container
  • Fumigation
  • Labeling/De-labeling
  • Reefer Container Services (PTI, Monitoring)
  • IMDG Container
  • Container cleaning
  • Container repair

General Cargo Services

Port Akdeniz provides a range of services for general cargo vessels in accordance with cargo handling standards.

Big bag and sling bag cement are among the main general cargo goods which Port Akdeniz handles; a direct result of its proximity to MENA countries. Other types of cargo handled are fertilizer, aluminum, granite, marble, tile, glass, coal, hard board and dangerous cargo (IMDG).

Bulk Cargo Services

Port Akdeniz provides bulk services for all kinds of liquid, bulk and solid bulk cargo which are unpackaged or generally require mechanization or equipment for loading and unloading, in accordance with the Undersecretariat of Maritime’s “Regulation on the Safe Loading and Unloading of Bulk Carriers”. The main types of bulk cargo handled at Port Akdeniz are aluminum hydroxide, coal, woodchips, fertilizer, clinker, barite, iron ore, chrome, sunflower, wheat, asphalt and dangerous cargo (IMDG).

Project Cargo Services

Port Akdeniz offers a private quay for factory set-up material, industrial projects and similar projects, with services provided to maximize efficiency and safety. The main project cargo handled includes wind turbines, factory materials and crane materials.

Military Services

Port Akdeniz provides various services to Turkish and foreign military vessels in accordance with demand.

Tanker Services

Services are also provided to tankers, which are moored at the mooring buoy out of the breakwater. Services are provided in compliance with environmental laws and conservation.


Towage and Pilotage

These services are provided by three experienced pilots and their teams, with the emphasis being on safety and conservation of the marine environment. As per the requirements of the Undersecretariat for Maritime Affairs, these services are provided for the vessels at the quays of Port Akdeniz and tankers at M-Oil, as well as for military vessels and Cekisan (BP Amoco/ Mobil/Shell) vessels when they are on the water.

Waste Service

Marine pollution caused by ships and vessels pose a serious risk to the natural surroundings and environment. As one of the busiest ports on the Mediterranean coast, Port Akdeniz takes waste management very seriously and complies with all regulations.

During the separation, transportation and recycling of waste at the port’s licensed facility, water, atmosphere, land, plants and wildlife are all kept completely protected, while noise and odor is kept to an absolute minimum.

Fresh Water Services

Depending on the request, the port provides fresh water from nine valves. The port provides these services 24/7 and one valve has a capacity of 10 m3 per hour.

Security Services

Port Akdeniz provides 24/7 security services. All entrances and exits, and the port as a whole are under CCTV surveillance, with monitoring carried out by a private security company and customs supervisors.

Shelter Services

Shelter services are provided to ships berthed at the quay, or tankers moored at the. Mooring buoy

Indoor Storage Services

Port Akdeniz has a 1.260 m2 indoor storage facility for temporary storage services in the bonded area.

Port Akdeniz: The Port of Antalya Shore Terminal

The aim of the shore terminal is to reduce expenses for marble exporters. This terminal provides low-cost storage services for block and case, bundle marble and container stuffing services.

Motor Yacht Services

Port Akdeniz provides services required by private or corporate yachts.

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