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Özgür Sert

Özgür SertAntalya Cruise Port GM

"Welcome to Antalya Cruise Port! A paradise that once belonged to King Attalos in 158 BC is now a global brand in the tourism industry of the 21st century. Home to the unique history of Ancient Pamphylia and Lycia, and stunning natural surroundings, it’s a shining destination on the Mediterranean. We look forward to hosting you in beautiful Antalya."


Port Akdeniz - Antalya is a multipurpose port with separate harbors for cruise ships, container ships and bulk cargo vessels, as well as a yacht marina. Given its proximity to Antalya, a major international airport, a wide range of hotels and a variety of important archaeological sites such as Aspendos, Perge and Side, the port has all the appeal necessary to be a key homeport on the Mediterranean. Antalya is the number one holiday destination in Turkey hosting over 110 million tourists yearly.

Cruise operations began in 2010 and transformed Antalya into a new turnaround hub in the Eastern Mediterranean. Moreover, given the capacity and convenience of its own yacht marina facilities, Port Akdeniz also plays a key role in domestic and international yacht tourism in the Turkish Mediterranean.

Port Akdeniz has three cruise piers totaling 510 m in length, a 1,830 m2 passenger terminal and a 990 m2 luggage area which serves cruise passengers. Port Akdeniz hosted 13,842 passengers in 2009, and thanks to the promotion of the port as a turnaround hub, this number increased significantly to around 200,000 passengers in 2015. The primary objective of the Company was to position Port Akdeniz as a turnaround hub in the Eastern Mediterranean. Following the start of turnaround operations for Aida Cruises in 2010, and TUI Cruises in 2012, the port’s cruise traffic increased ten-fold.

Port Akdeniz provides pilotage, tugging, mooring, sheltering, security, fresh water supply and waste collection to cruise ships, as well as full terminal services including luggage operations. A recipient of the prestigious “Most Improved Terminal Facilities” award in 2011, Port Akdeniz offers top-quality services to ensure that passengers enjoy their cruise to the fullest. 

In July 2010, Global Ports Holding became the sole owner and operator of Port Akdeniz, Antalya.

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Port Facts

Maximum Ship
Dimensions For Berth
  • Length: 350m
  • Width: No Restrictions
  • Draught: 9.5m
  • Available: Yes
  • Ship Tender Allowed: Yes
  • Tugs Available: Yes
  • Tidal Movement/Range: 30cm
Quays / Berths
  • Total Number of Berths: 3
  • Total Berthing Line Length: 510m
  • Quay Depth: 10m
  • City Center: 20km
  • Airport: 30km
  • Shuttle Service: No
General Information
  • Region: East Med
  • Terminal: 1
  • Bus Capacity: 35
  • Turnaround Port: Yes
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Discover Antalya

Antalya is the number one holiday destination in Turkey and attracts 39% of all tourists visiting the country. Named after King Attalus II, who founded the city sometime around 150 BC, the city has been a center of importance for every culture that has inhabited it over the centuries. Among the city’s most popular historical sites are Hadrian's Gate of the Roman era, and the Broken Minaret, which was once a church but has since been transformed into a mosque. The incredible Mediterranean cuisine the city offers is a major draw for visitors, with dishes of vegetables and olive oil, and fresh seafood dominating menus. Watersports, a bustling nightlife, relaxing beaches and fantastic shopping mean Antalya has something to offer visitors of all ages.

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