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Operating Model

GPH focuses on creating the best bespoke operating model at each port. This is achieved through the utilization of our proprietary GPH operating framework, which brings global best practice to each port.

Our operating framework focuses on four primary pillars: organisation, functions, technology and governance and our best practice has been learned and honed from our experiences worldwide, in a way a singular port would find hard to achieve.

A key component of both our operating framework and best practice is our all stakeholders approach. This means our cruise operations adapt to the needs of our destinations and our local stakeholders.

GPH brings significant cruise port investment knowledge and capability to our destinations. Where appropriate we invest significantly in the enhancement and expansion of cruise port infrastructure, increasing capacity and driving a step change in the cruise lines and passenger experience, while simultaneously increasing the economic benefit of cruise passengers to the destination. 


We maintain an acute focus on our and the cruise industry’s environmental responsibilities. GPH proudly complies with, and often exceeds, the requirements of all local and international laws and regulations, regarding health and safety and environment. Where possible we work with all stakeholders on sustainable solutions such as clean energy provision at our ports. We also work with local stakeholders to mitigate the impact of cruise passengers on a destination and to ensure the economic benefit of cruise tourism is felt across a destination.

How We Create Value

Size and scale

We are the world’s largest independent cruise port operator. We have a proven track record of transforming traditional cruise ports and terminals into world-leading destinations and delivering excellent customer experiences. Due to our reputation as a leading and reliable port operator, GPH is the natural partner for cruise lines and local stakeholders.

Operational excellence

We excel at operating our ports and running them professionally and safely. We understand all stakeholders’ needs and bring a mindful ‘all stakeholder’ approach to developing destinations. This includes our proprietary GPH security code and rigorous health and safety procedures.

Modern infrastructure

We are significant investors in the physical infrastructure of our cruise ports, with state-of-the-art cruise terminals and modern and energy-efficient equipment. We are significant investors in optimization technology, including our proprietary GPH security code and cloud-based port operating systems.

Marketing and influential strength

Our local management teams leverage our centralized ,marketing capability to promote and present a superior branded value proposition for our destinations and all stakeholders as an integrated cruise port network.