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    Taranto Cruise Port
    A Destination Beyond Your Imagination
    Raffaella Del Prete
    Raffaella Del Prete
    Taranto Cruise Port GM
    Welcome to Taranto! This beautiful city which harbors an ancient history dating back to the Spartans, is ready to welcome you.
    About The Port

    Founded by the Spartans in the eighth century BC, Taranto boasts a thousand-year old history that has seen it excel in the Mediterranean thanks to its strategic position, which today makes it one of the main ports in the area. Located in Puglia, Southern Italy, on the north-western end of the Salento region, Taranto is known as the "City of the two seas", due to its peculiar position between the Great and the Small seas. A historical population of dolphins that continues to thrive and live near the Cheradi Islands that is located in front of the city, has been a symbol of the city for a millennia.

    Taranto's large docks are picturesquely located at the gates of the Small sea, near the "Borgo Antico", the oldest district of the city. Featuring 5 berths of different sizes, Taranto Cruise Port is able to safely host even the world's largest cruise ships for transit and turnaround operations.

    Selected as the Destination of the year at Seatrade Cruise Award 2022, the nascent destination full of fervent dynamism, Taranto is currently the fulcrum of numerous growth projects. The works have already begun on the new "Falanto" terminal, a futuristic structure that will be able to support intense transit and turnaround traffic flows and which will face a new quay (Sporgente East) perfect for hosting large cruise ships.

    Global Ports Holding Plc was awarded the concession of Taranto Cruise Port in April 2021.

    Port Facts
    Central Mediterranean
    Maximum Ship Dimensions For Berth
    Length: 185m-300m
    Width: No Limit
    Draught: 6m-10m
    Quays / Berths
    Total Number of Berths: 5
    Total Berthing Line Length: 1,395m
    Distances / Transportation
    City Center: 500m
    Airport: 75km
    General Information
    Terminal: 2
    Bus Capacity: 80
    Turnaround Port: No
    Discover Taranto
    Discover Taranto

    Ancient colony of Magna Graecia, Taranto was founded in 706 BC by Spartan colonists and became in the fourth century BC one of the richest and most important cities of Magna Graecia, even considered its capital. The testimonies of this grandiose past are still visible in the old part of the city, whose historical and cultural heritage is among the richest and oldest in Europe. Main city of the well-known Salento, region with ancient and peculiar traditions, it is located close to two important UNESCO sites, Matera and Alberobello, and a short distance from all the beautiful beaches that have earned this area of Puglia the name of "Maldives of Italy".

    Must See
    • The Aragonese Castle
    • Matera
    • Salento Beach
    • Spartan Hypogeum Museum
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