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    La Goulette Cruise Port
    Roaming Through a Fantasy
    Sami Debbiche
    Sami Debbiche
    La Goulette Cruise Port GM
    Welcome to La Goulette Cruise Port! Our mains goals are to improve the service quality in the cruise terminal for both passengers and cruise ships by an infrastructure respecting the international standards and unique architecture, improve safety and security conditions and make the call of La Goulette an amazing experience.
    About The Port

    La Goulette is a town located in northern Tunisia and a gateway to the capital which lies at the western end of Lake Tunis. A popular summer resort since the 19th century, La Goulette takes its place in the West Med itineraries, offering a non-EU destination option to the cruise lines.

    La Goulette Cruise Port features berths with a total of 657mtr which enable the port to receive the mega ships such as Oasis, Excellence and Meraglivia-plus class cruise ships. The ISPS compliant port, offers services to cruise passengers with enhanced security operations. With two terminal buildings, La Goulette Cruise Port can easily handle the operations of the cruise ships.

    Covering an area of 6,500sq mtr, the Goulette Village Harbour resembles a medina with Tunisian architectural styling and comprises a central building with two wings alongside housing 10 shops selling local traditional clothing, watches and jewellery. There is an a la carte fish restaurant, some cafes and juice bar along with a hammam and health & beauty shops.

    Through a joint venture with MSC Cruises S.A. ("MSC"), Global Ports Holding has started its operations of La Goulette Cruise Port as of May 2019.

    Port Facts
    Central Mediterranean
    Maximum Ship Dimensions For Berth
    Lenght: 340m
    Width: No Limit
    Draught: 8.4m
    Total number of Berths: 3
    Total Berthing Line: 657m
    Quay Depth: 5.1m-10m
    Distances / Transportations
    City Center: 12.2km
    Airport: 17km
    Shuttle Service: No
    General Information
    Terminal: 2
    Bus Capacity: 150
    Turnaround Port: No
    Discover La Goulette
    Discover La Goulette

    La Goulette is located in a coastal area that includes the ruins of ancient Carthage and the picturesque suburb of Sidi Bou Said, places that attract more visitors than Tunis itself. As far as capital cities go, Tunis has an easy-going, unhurried air about it. Home to several UNESCO Heritage sites, the city is a masterpiece of historical and cultural art. With an area known as “La Petite Sicile” that was home to a sizeable Jewish, Italian, and Maltese community, the town has several remains of Hispano-Turkish fortifications and other cultural heritages, the city welcomes the tourists with a warm breeze.

    Must See
    • La Medina
    • Sidi Bou Said
    • Bardo Museum
    • The Sahara
    • Carthage
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