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    Bodrum Cruise Port
    Discover a Destination of Pure Luxury
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    Bodrum Cruise Port
    Discover a Destination of Pure Luxury
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    Bodrum Cruise Port
    Discover a Destination of Pure Luxury
    Erkan Öztunalı
    Erkan Öztünalı
    Port Manager
    "Welcome to Bodrum Cruise Port! Crystal waters and rich history characterize this warm, friendly seaside town. The white sugar cube houses in Bodrum are truly iconic, and it has a tradition of handicrafts that’s all its own."
    About The Port

    Situated on an exquisite peninsula, Bodrum is undoubtedly one of the most attractive coastal cities in Turkey, appealing to both Turkish and foreign holidaymakers. In addition to its luxury tourist destinations, it boasts several major historical sites, including the Castle of Saint Peter, the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, King Mausolus’ Mausoleum (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world), and a Roman amphitheater. The surrounding area is also known for its nightlife, beaches, natural beauty and ancient history. 

    Bodrum Cruise Port features a finger pier, which can accommodate two large-sized cruise ships at a time. The world’s largest cruise ships, can berth easily thanks to its pier extension in 2011. BCP can harbor up to 30 mega-yachts, and has three ferryboat ramps. Bodrum Cruise Port provides full terminal services, marine services and auxiliary services. The state-of-the-art terminal building offers diverse facilities including duty free shopping areas, travel agencies and a restaurant.

    Bodrum Cruise Port has invested heavily in port facilities including construction of a terminal building and a pier. Thus, Bodrum itself has become a brand new luxury destination for cruise lines. Bodrum Cruise Port is ISPS compliant and holds ISO 9001-14001-18001 certificates. In late 2015, the port received Green Port accreditation upon approval of the Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry General Directorate of the Merchant Marine and Turkish Standards Institution.

    In June 2008, the operation rights of Bodrum Cruise Port, which includes pilotage, tugging, mooring, sheltering, security, fresh water supply, waste collection, passenger terminal management, and provision of diving and bunkering services to the cruise ships and ferries visiting the port was transferred to Global Ports Holding.

    Port Facts
    East Mediterranean
    Maximum Ship Dimensions For Berth
    Length: 340m
    Width: No Limit
    Restrictions Draught: 9m
    Quays / Berths
    Total Number of Berths: 4
    Total Berthing Line Length: 680m
    Beth Quays: 8m-22m
    Distances / Transportation
    City Center: 1.5km
    Airport: 35km - Bodrum Milas Airport (BJV)
    Shuttle Service: Free Sea Shuttle Available
    General Information
    Terminal: 1
    Bus Capacity: 20
    Turnaround Port: Yes
    Discover Bodrum
    Discover Bodrum

    Nestled on a truly stunning peninsula, Bodrum has recently been dubbed the "New St. Tropez", and is undoubtedly one of the most attractive coastal cities in Turkey. It appeals to both Turkish and foreign holidaymakers alike. Whether your taste is for historical wonders like the world-renowned St. Peter's Castle, enchanting villages of white-washed houses trimmed with signature purple bougainvillea, or the miles of sandy beaches and myriad water sports on offer, Bodrum is an unforgettable experience.

    Must See
    • The castle of St Peter & Mausoleum
    • Myndos Gate
    • The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology
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