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    Investing in People
    Lancelot Arnold 150
    Lancelot Arnold
    GPH Regional Director, Eastern Caribbean
    Saint Lucia Cruise Port GM
    Welcome to Saint Lucia, where pristine white and black sandy beaches beckon, lush tropical forests enchant, gourmet meals tantalize, and authentic adventure tours await at every turn. Dive into a world of unparalleled beauty and unforgettable experiences.
    About The Port

    Inspired by the beauty, authenticity, and mystique of Saint Lucia, Global Ports Holding Plc intends to support the expansion and enhancement of the Saint Lucia Cruise Port through an agreement with the Government of Saint Lucia for cruise-related development and operations. Through a 30-year partnership, GPH aims to collaborate with local industry leaders and stakeholders to design and build new port infrastructure, enhance the existing port facilities, and create more opportunities for Saint Lucians through cruise sector and destination development.

    The project investment highlights include the construction of a new vendors arcade to replace the existing Vendor's Arcade, the design and development of a new Fishermen's Village at Banannes Bay to provide ample space for local vendors (who will have priority once the facility is built), the realignment of Berth 4 and Berth 5 at Port Castries, the expansion of Berth 1 at Pointe Seraphine to accommodate the largest cruise ships in service, the construction of a boardwalk adjacent to the government buildings between Pointe Seraphine and Castries to enhance connectivity and traffic flow while creating new opportunities for locals, the development of a wooden ferry facility near the Fishermen's Village in Faux A Chaux Castries, along with an accompanying bus depot to alleviate congestion, and the construction of a concrete dock and upland facilities to enhance tendering operations in Soufriere, ensuring an appealing guest experience.

    In 2019, Saint Lucia welcomed 790,0000 passengers. The completion of the extended pier and upgrade of the facilities are expected to lead to an increase in passenger volumes to over one million guests per year. The signing of the final agreement is expected to take place in the first half of 2023.

    Port Facts
    Maximum Ship Dimensions For Berth
    Lenght: 348m
    Width: No Limit
    Draught: No Limit
    Quays / Berths
    Total Number of Berths: 3
    Total Berthing Line Length: 950m
    Quay Depth: 11m
    Distances / Transportation
    City Center: 30m
    Airport: 50km
    General Information
    Region: Caribbean
    Terminal: Under Construction
    Bus Capacity: 60
    Turnaround Port: No
    Discover Saint Lucia
    Discover Saint Lucia

    Discover the enchanting wonders of Saint Lucia, a tropical gem nestled in the heart of the Caribbean. Unveil breathtaking landscapes ranging from pristine beaches and majestic volcanic peaks to cascading waterfalls and captivating coral reefs, all while immersing yourself in the warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage of this idyllic island paradise.

    Must See
    • The Pitons
    • Sulphur Springs
    • Marigot Bay
    • Pigeon Island National Park
    • Anse Chastenet Marine National Park
    • Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens
    • Rodney Bay
    • Castries Market
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